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Of Irish stock, and a natural born rebel, Tony McManus was born in Manchester, England. He worked in many jobs to serve his passion for travel such as English teacher, bar tender, taxi driver, and in southern Africa in the Transvaal goldmines and the copper mines of Zambia.  Despondant in England, he moved to Canada settling in Quebec which would become his spiritual home. In 2000 he designed and built a long planned log home in Ste. Adele, Quebec.

His passion for writing began at school where he excelled at English and composition. He considers himself a “natural writer” and over the years he’s written abundant articles on a variety of subjects and had many short stories for children published.  His first novel, “The Iran Deception” was self-published on Amazon in September. He is presently working on a second: “A Bangkok Interlude” and a collection of short stories: “Down and Out in the Big Mango”. In 2007 he moved to Thailand and built a country guesthouse in the hills north of Chiang Mai where he resides with his lovely wife, Suyada and eight dogs. Tony pursues and advocates good health, and is passionate about diet and exercise. An outdoorsman, sailor, sea kayaker and canoeist, he also loves cross country skiing and snowshoeing. When in Thailand, he misses Canada: in Canada he misses Thailand. Man is never satisfied. Res ipsa loquitur

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Tony,
    I turned 50 recently and the last decade wasn’t easy.I was going to bed a bit despondent tonight,Spotted your Irish sounding name …then read of your most interesting life and endorsement of KDP.I’ve been writing a novel just under a year now and will go the KDP route.

    Thank you for inspiring me…best wishes from Ireland.Sir 🙂


    1. deepcaster says:

      Many thanks for your comment. I wish you well ion your writing. Stick with it.

      Best wishes

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