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73 years ago today, iL Duce, Benito Mussolini, Italian dictator, met his fate and was executed by Italian partisans. And along with other fascists, his body hung by his feet on a meat-hook over an Esso garage forecourt and desecrated by a violent mob. Hardly the end he expected.
He took his country into a war she did not want. He paid a terrible price.
Was it deserved? Did it serve a purpose? I’d say no.
Fascism is still purveyed. Dictators still strut across the world as if they own it. Far better, and more civilized, if he’d had his day in court.
Nevertheless, dictators and would be dictators should remember this day and the fate of Benito Mussolini and ask themselves: Is it worth it? I think not.

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First, they threw vegetables at his corpse. Then they started beating and kicking it. Then things got worse.

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